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Difference between warranty on materials and warranty on work:

The warranty on installation is different from the warranty on materials. These two guarantees are complementary and serve to protect the owners of asphalt shingle roofs:

  • the installation warranty is offered and managed by the roofer. It covers installation defects and deficiencies.
  • the material warranty covers asphalt shingles. It is offered by the manufacturer.

Materials account for only 30% of the total cost of an asphalt shingle roof, with the largest costs being labor and pavement installation costs. Therefore, in the event of a claim from the manufacturer to enforce the warranty on materials, the reimbursement should not exceed 30% of the total cost of the roof. The warranty on the installation is valid for several years and is generally not degressive. On the other hand, the guarantee on materials is degressive and the 100% refund ceases well before the end of the warranty period offered. This means that even with these two guarantees, it is difficult to get a full refund of asphalt shingle roofing costs a few years after installation.

Explanation of limited lifetime guarantees

Manufacturers offer limited lifetime guarantees through roofers. This guarantee is called “limited” because its duration is modeled on the life expectancy of the material. So, if the lifetime of your asphalt shingle coating is estimated at 15 years, the limited lifetime warranty will be 15 years. One must be aware of this subtlety, because many homeowners mistakenly think that they will be covered throughout their lives.

This guarantee is regressive and is divided into several periods that offer different levels of protection. If the first period gives you a 100% guarantee on the value of asphalt shingles, this percentage will decrease over the following periods. There will be no guarantee, and therefore refund, after the estimated lifetime of the coating. Therefore, a few years after installation, the owner will have to put in his pocket in case of deficiency of materials, even if he has a guarantee.

Exclusions of guarantees

When you have a warranty on installation or materials, you should read the warranty exclusions that appear on the contract. Indeed, there are several cases in which your guarantees can not apply:

  • the installation of the coating: the warranty lapses if the asphalt shingles have not been laid according to the manufacturer’s instructions, even if it is a manufacturing defect that has caused the water to leak. In addition, every replacement or repair must be made with shingles manufactured by the manufacturer.
  • High winds: this warranty applies only if the tape has been exposed to the sun and hot temperatures for several days. Otherwise, the shingles may not stick and the warranty does not apply. It is therefore risky to install asphalt shingle roofing in winter, as the warranty on materials may not work.
  • inadequate ventilation
  • Act of God: lightning, tornado, black ice, hail …
  • deterioration by mold and fungi

It is also important to know that the reimbursement services of manufacturers work much like the reimbursement services of insurance companies. Indeed, from the second claim, the manufacturers will be reluctant to pay you back.