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Snow Removal

Entrust your snow removal to our professionals!

Do you want to avoid the damage that can be caused by a build-up of snow and ice during the winter? Do you want to follow the recommendations of insurance companies to avoid trouble and preserve the value of your investment? Snow removal and roof de-icing is the best preventive measure to protect your property. Call Entrepreneur Général F.D. Inc. for snow removal and de-icing of your sloped roof or flat roof.

Roof snow removal prevents against:

Roof collapse: Accumulations of snow and ice represent a significant overweight to your roof and the structure of your property. A roof that becomes too heavy, even when it is in good condition, can collapse. It is recommended to clear a roof when accumulations reach 30 centimeters.
Ice dam: Just like snow removal, roof de-icing is very important to avoid damage to your property. In addition, ice dams can come off the roof, which is dangerous for yourself or for passers-by. If you notice significant ice accumulations, please contact us.

Water accumulation in the spring: When snow and ice begin to melt, large amounts of water can stagnate on your roof. Such a situation is conducive to infiltration into the attic and water damage can even occur inside your property. Spring snow removal is your best asset to prevent these risks.
Whichever is your roof type, you should consider snow removal!